Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sewing Expo 2010...already a wonderful memory

I can't believe it's been several weeks now since the Sewing and Stichery Expo and I haven't even blogeed about it yet!  Uuggh!  How time flies.

So, of course we had a FABULOUS time.  This year it was mom, older sister, and me.  We stayed at a lovely motel down the way that had a nice continental breakfast.  It was very reasonably priced and our second year there.  I think mom has already made reservations for next year.

We arrived Friday early  afternoon.  My sister lives in Gig Harbor, so she was already roaming around by the time mom and I pulled in.  We spent the day looking at the many vendors in the Showplex and attending various seminars.  Friday evening we went to Pacific Fabric's after-party.  This was our first time attending, and I think we'll plan to attend each year from now on.  There were about 4 hands on crafts, sales, raffle drawings, and cake and punch.  It was a  nice way to end the day.  We then headed out to dinner, and as 3 moms, I gotta say, it was so relaxing to order our own dinner and drinks and just sit and enjoy a quiet dinner.

Saturday was full of more shopping and seminars.  We didn't see any of the fashoin shows, but sure seemed like we ran out of time!  The whole weekend seemed too short this year.  Two friends arrived Saturday and it was nice to catch up with them over a scone.  Dinner kinda fell apart.  My nephew lives in the area, and we had arranged to meet him for dinner.  But being a typical 21 year old bachlor, he stood us up.  Oh well, no hard feelings...we had a lovely dinner without him!

Sunday we took a 4 needle hands-on class that was very worthwhile.  It was a beaded crochet class where we made beautiful beaded necklaces.  I learned some very cool beading tricks that I'm looking forward to trying.  Best of all, I met a lovely lady from CA in the class.  She and her girl friends have been coming to the Sewing Expo for about 12 years and make a whole week of it.  They drive up from San Diego, stopping by yarn and fabric shops along the way.  Too fun!

We were done by 3pm so headed home.  All in all, it was a good show.  I got some great fabric and a couple extra addons.

First I bought some (and I think the only) Alice in Wonderland fabric.  Look for more patches in the near future!

Next, I could not resist the plastic coated fabric of bright circles, birds, and airmail stamps.  Definately a lunch bag or two coming up!

Then, this unbelievable fabric from Echino.  I saw this fabric on Friday, and it stuck with me all weekend, so last thing on Sunday I had to go back and buy a couple yards of each style.  Fabric is like that some times.  I bought this fabric at the Pacific Fabrics booth, but could only find a link online for it at  But I do want to give credit to Pacific Fabrics for bringing this to the expo.  I have great plans for this fabric!

I also purchased for the first time, a Hawaiian applique.  It is a christmas motif.  I am planning to make my first wall quilt....we all can't wait to see how that progresses :)

Then I paid way too much for a silk ribbon kit that made a beautiful stuffed heart.  I've alread finished the heart and I look at it every day for maybe it wasn't too much to spend after all.  It also motivated me back to silk ribbon embroidery, one of my first loves. (see previous post).

And lastly, what is the sewing expo without an apron pattern!  This year's apron seemed to be this "Lilly Apron" from Busy Bee Quilt designs.  One year I bought their French Apron and LOVE IT! I've made many an apron for gifts and home.  I really liked how this year's looked on several women who had more of my body type then the model's so I'm hopeful it will be another big hit.  And look at the gorgeous fabric I found at The Pine Needle booth!

Wow!  No wonder it took me awhile to write this all out!  So, more projects, more fabric, and more inspiration!

Gotta go sew!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Time flies!

When I started this blog, I had planned to update it at LEAST once a week, but here we are only 2 months in and I'm already behind.  And the Sewing Expo is already 2 weeks behind us and I haven't even showed you all the cool stuff I got and saw!

Here is one project I have been working on in my absence, a silk ribbon embroidered needle case.