Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art and Soul Here I come!

Once a year we are fortunate to have the Art and Soul Retreat next door in Portland, OR.  I stumbled upon this retreat several years ago and have attended every year since.  I have not had the money or time to actually attend any classes YET, but have made it to the Saturday evening vendor nights. 

It has become sort of an annual date for Charles and I.  I cannot express how much I look forward to this or how much I love being around these people, art, and expressions.  I love it love it love it!!  I really speaks to a part of my soul that doesn't get enough daylight.  Charles is so sweet to take me.  He buys me a drink and always one gift.  Last year it was a stamp set of Alice in Wonderland. 
Alice In Wonderland Rubber Stamp Set TJSTAMPS-12
The first year it was a pendant that hangs from my car mirror so I can see it and remember every day.

ANYWAY!  This year I have decided to step it up a notch and participate in the Trades.  These are similar to SWAPs that we make and trade in Girl Scouts.

This is my first time, although I've read about these in Cloth Paper Scissors and other mixed media magazines and blogs.

I used tarot cards I found in a bag on its way to Goodwill, some pages from an old book I had used to make my Kindle cover, found ribbon, and tea bag papers. Then added a little crochet flower and my stamp.

I made about 10 and now have another reason to be excited about this year's event!  Can hardly wait to go and trade and see what awesome treasures there are! 

 Art and Soul Retreat classes are definitely on my dream board!

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