Monday, February 1, 2010

..and the countdown's on!!

23 days says the countdown in the corner. Only 23 days until the wonderful, much awaited, lovingly talked about, blissfully dreamed of...SEWING AND STICHERY EXPO 2010. I just got my tickets so decided it was time to write the blog.

If you are a lover of anything fiber and are in the Pacific Northwest, you have to have this on your calendar. Feb 24-27. It is held in Puyallup, WA at the state fair grounds, and even if you can only come for a day, it is worth the $12 ticket. Just walking around and ogling at all the vendors in the 2 expo buildings is worthy. There are vendors for quilting, sewing, patterns, felting, beading, fabric, yarn, embroidery, etc., etc., etc. You get the picture.

My mom and sister and I make this an annual event. We share a hotel room for the weekend (short-straw shares a bed w/ mom), leave the hubby and kids at home, gather our money from all our secret stashes, and hit the expo running!

I'm not sure exactly how many I've been to in the past, but I do recall pushing around my baby boy in a stroller one year and he is now 12. So at least 12 years.

For those of you new to the expo, here are my top 10 tips:
1. Everyone at the expo looks like my mom, and that's a good thing...unless I am trying to find her in a crowd.
2. If at all possible, do not bring the husband
3. If at all possible, do not bring the kids
4. If at all possible, bring your mom, sister, or girlfriend. Giggling and oohing and aahing is more fun with a friend.
5. If #4 is not possible, don't fear, you will quickly meet a mom, sister, or girlfriend.
6. Plan to eat lunch at the expo and sit with strangers who quickly become friends and ooh and aah over your purchases.
7. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a big bag to carry your treasures in.
8. Bring a water bottle that's easy to refill. There are water fountains available so you won't have to waste your hard stashed money on frivolous things like water. You'll need it when you get to the next fabric booth.
9. Each booth has a number but they are hard to see. Get a map at the gate and get oriented before you begin. This makes it easier to find your lost mother later in the day.
10. Do stash away a little extra cash for going out to dinner with your mom, sister, and girlfriends. You deserve a special treat after a long day of shopping and oohing and aahing.

As the countdown gets closer you'll hear more about the expo. For now, check out the web site and blog and get your tickets!

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