Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Oh how I wish I had as much time to blog as I did when I started!  You have no idea how many posts are in my head that I've been dying to share!  Until then here's a bit of the Work In Progress that I've squeezed into my rare free moments late at night.

"The First Afghan":
 I don't know what has come over me but suddenly I'm all "homey" and want to make heirloom projects that my kids will take with them to college and their homes.  So in the spirit of, "everyone should have an afghan made by their mom", here is my FIRST afghan...attempt.  Ok, truth is, I saw this awesome yarn at JoAnne's.  Loved the colors, loved the texture, loved that it came in this humungous skein.  So I bought one and started crochetting.  As with most of my projects, there was no end goal in mind when I started.  As I kept going I realized that whatever it was turning out to be, it needed to be bigger.  So bought more yarn, and here it is so far.  Confession - I'm not real good at patterns that repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat...so time will tell if this actually gets finished.

In the spirit of afghans and babies, I have also decided to make a baby afghan for a friend (shhh!) whose prego.It apparently will be made w/ granny squares of different colors.  Do my granny squares look odd to you?  I thought that was how you made a granny square, but these look odd to me.  Oh well, I've got about 12 done of the 30 I estimate I'll need.  No idea how to connect them, but I've been crusing the blog-way and all my fav hookers to see how they've done this.  I am very excited to see what this will end up being!  Luckily baby's not due for a couple more months.

And lastly, I saw this great pattern for a small crochetted pin cushion that apparently I decided needed to be something else, so in the end I made these awesome....things :)  I picture them either added to a quilt as an embellishment, or sewn on a jacket as a button loop.  They are so fun to make and turned out so awesome I kept making them for several days...and may keep making them.  I think I'll add them to my etsy store...the picture does not do these guys justice.  I've have to take better photos when the weather clears up.  They are so cute!!
Enjoy!  and Happy hooking!

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  1. Hello! I'm looking at your granny squares and they are lovely, but you're right, there is something up with them. I would leave a longer tail for each square, so you can weave it in later. Also, do you put 2 chains in each corner? It makes for a squarer square! ;) Join them with a whip stitch (on the wrong side, using only the outer loops of your stitches) or with a slip stitch on the right side (so it doesn't rub the baby's skin).

    I think it's sweet of you to make a blankie for your friend. :)

    Ambar in Puerto Rico