Monday, September 6, 2010

Recent Crochet Projects

Even w/ all the kid and summer activities, I've been able to sneak in a couple projects.

I found the pattern for these cute little flowers over at Easy.  She has lots of wonderful crochet ideas.  I took her flowers and added beads to the centers then attached them to bracellets and rings.  They would also make nice headbands.
The flower pattern came from Sew Ritzy-Titzy.  I just added a crochet leaf, although her fabric leaf I've logged away for another project.
Then my bags, oh my beautiful, fun bags.  I got the idea for these bags from one Future Girl's  blog. This link is to her free download page where you can download the pattern for her Starling handbag.  As you can see I took some liberties and added longer handles and embellishments.  I really need to go through her tutuorial on linings as mine didn't come out quite right....they were a bit off but the hand sewing covers it up...I hope.

This cross pattern comes from a silly little crochet magazine I receive in the mail.  I don't know why or how I started receiving this, but I do, and occassionally it has cute patterns that I can follow.

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  1. Oh. my. goodness. Variegated yarn for this peony flower?! -- I love, LOVE this look! Beautiful work, Molly!

    Enjoy your Thursday!