Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kids kids kids

When I started this bog I had grand ambitions that it would be filled w/ all my wonderful crafts and crochet projects.  And some posts about the kiddies.  Silly me!  I thought I could somehow change my life priorities.  Instead, this blog has turned out to mirror my life rather than my personal dreams.  Its all about the kids :)

Not that that is a bad thing....just a fact of reality.  So once again, here is a post about the kids.

All 3 grand-daughters have their birthdays at the end of August.  So to save some money, time, and make their birthday memories last longer than any toy might, we decided to take them all to Enchanted Forest, the Disneyland of the Northwest.  It was also a great end of summer activity for the Boy and Teen and her Boyfriend.
We packed a picnic lunch complete w/ birthday cupcakes.  The girls had so much fun running through the fairy tales houses, visiting the castles, and going down all the different slides.  They could not get enough of the Old Lady in the shoe slide.  We stayed there so long, they started folding the rugs and handing them out to other kids.
Taking a short break in between fairy tales
At the mouth of the Witch tunnel/slide
Panning for gold in the western town
Alice, Pappy, and china

The big kids even had fun. Of course they had to go on the log ride several times, as it takes a bit more than a slide to get their adrenaline running.  But at the end of the day (we closed the park!), all were exhausted big and little.  

After hours of running up and down hills and lifting a 3 year old up and down ("Molly, up, up!")  I think I've had a good enough work out for the next month. Today is definitely a day of rest and recuperation.

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