Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer = Fair, so when the fair is over does that mean summer is over?

This year the Teen and I submitted some of our handmade awesomeness to the Fair.  My photos are kinda blurry as I only had the camera phone w/ me when we went to the fair.
 Lol, we got Red Ribbons straight across the board.  Don't know if they equate to any premiums (cash) yet, but it was fun seeing them hanging up at the fair and having friends and family go see them.

The judges actually commented on each item so we have an idea of what to do to get a Blue ribbon next year....we'll see.  As the Teen says, "I don't believe in re-dos.  Once is good enough."
I love that the Teen submitted this dress she made from her dad's old shirt.  It looks absolutely cute on her!  Her sewing style is...unique to say the least.  More of - eye it and hand sew here and there, then any great seamstress skills.

This photo is of my friend's felted hat that won the Judge's Prize. She just started felting this year!  She learned so she could teach her GS Troop, and now she's an artist.  She also submitted a beautiful scarf out of silk, but that photo really looked too bad to post.
Too bad the photo is fuzzy, because the hat is gorgeous!

The Teen's BFF is an amateur photographer.  Here is the photo she submitted:
...and now the fair is done and gone.  Time to start thinking about school shopping.  Ugh.

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