Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kids entering high school...

1.      Have no concept of computers w/out internet access
2.      Get their music via downloads and sharing not the music store.
3.      Watch TV on their schedule not the network schedule.
4.      Use gift cards as a common form of currency.
5.      Will openly talk about homosexuality, pedophiles, HIV, and narcotics...probably since 10.
6.      Equate having a debit card to having a bank account.
7.      Will never write a check or balance a checkbook in their lifetime.
8.      Have at least one game system and most have more than one.
9.      Consider off-line or single person gaming out-dated.
10.     Have made at least one video recording and probably posted it on the Internet.
11.     Have never used and nor probably seen a phone booth.
12.     Consider security guards and metal detectors common place in schools.
13.     Know the proper procedures for a terrorist attack at school
14.     Have never used a phone book
15.     Have at least one "log on" ID and password
16.     Expect all public buildings to be smoke-free
17.     Believe smoking kills and should be out-lawed
18.     Have lived through 3 wars.
19.     Know more families that are divorced than not
20.     Expect Internet access to be available everywhere via wireless.

What else can you guys think of?  
Here's what Beloit College came up with for the class of 2014.

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