Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bazaar fever!!!

Ugh!! Only 3 more days to go and I need more hats!  I need more time to make more hats!!

Crazy me spent the whole Thanksgiving 4 day weekend working on ONE, count that as ONE, new pattern.  Ever have those days-weeks-months you get an idea stuck in your head?  That's what I was like all weekend.  Good thing I learned long ago that ripping out a mistake is my friend :)  I must have ripped it out at least 15 times.  Finally finished the hat Sunday night, only to have both the teen and the boy give it a thumbs down. :(  So last night spent again redesigning it!  UUUGGHH!  I need to stop messing w/ it and finish making hats for the bazaar.  (Picture of the agonizing design to follow soon.)

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