Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Projects

During the holidays this year, I stumbled upon a gorgeous afghan and thought how nice and warm they are and how much everyone loves a good afghan to snuggle up in.  So this year for Christmas, my goal is to make each family an afghan.  The way I count it, that's at least 8 and 10 if we and the grandparents get one.  In my surge of crafting that always hits right after Christmas, I started right in using any yarn I could find.  This is afghan will be known as the "Eco-afghna", since it is made from "recycled" (read as Goodwill) yarn.

And why start only one afghan at a time?  I quickly caught on to using somewhat appealing colors and a cute stitch pattern, and came up w/ afghan #2, "Baby Blues":

Then as luck would have it, the Lions Brand Yarn catalogue came in the mail!  What timing!  It is full of delicious looking afghans!  So I quickly ran to JoAnns and grabbed up more yarn then I have ever bought at one time.  To make this beauty !! 

Now to make my afghan look as nice as this one, I'm guessing I'm going to need to actually follow the directions....at least to some extent...kinda.   That will be the biggest challenge.  I will keep you posted!
My most gorgeously delicious yarn stash!

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