Friday, January 27, 2012

Squares squares and more squares!

 OK, so I'm rolling on the first afghan. I have completed the 212...YES THAT'S RIGHT 212 squares!!  Aren't they gorgeous?
 There are 136 small ones, 44 medium, and 32 large squares.  And apparently each color combo/square has a number assigned to it.  This will become important in the next step.

But I have no idea how to keep these all straight.  Collecting all the correct squares for the first rectangle was very time consuming.  I need to think of a way to organize these in zip lock bags or something.   Right now they are all just thrown together in one big plastic bag.

Next step is to start sewing them together into rectangles.  Now we are at a I follow the pattern of how to combine the squares to make the rectangles or do I just mix them up?  Since Rule #1 is "Follow the pattern", I think I'll follow the pattern for now.

I have to make 4 rectangles of each of 5 patterns.  I have a feeling this may be more difficult than actually making all those squares.  And I've only allocated 1and a half months for each afghan.  Its the last weekend in January so I only have 2 weeks left to finish the first one.  Game on!

Oh and I forgot to tell you about the great inspiration I received in the mail.  I received a catalogue for afghan kits  from Herrschners!  The kits include everything: pattern, yarn, needle, label and plastic bag!! There is even a label I can put on when I'm done :)  I ordered 4 kits and they all came in the mail this week! 
Yeah!  Patterns and enough yarn to actually complete each pattern!

Right now they are sitting here just tempting me to start another project.....but Rule #2 for this project is "Finish one afghan before I start another."  This may be harder than Rule #1.

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