Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Projects

The year has started off pretty well. I completed the Granny Square afghan (I actually completed this right before Christmas, but close enough!), the yarn basket, the smaller yarn basket for mom, and several hats.

The granny square blanket was inspired by a pattern I saw at I adapted it to the request of my daughter (she picked the colors.) I don't see the pattern on their site anymore but they are offering a class, and there is a picture of the original one there.

The yarn basket was inspired by one of my favorite crochetters "Attic24". Again I adapted the pattern to match my own taste (I got bored just making single crochets) and the smaller yarn basket was born out of a request by my mother guessed it...a SMALLer basket :)

Both are perfect for holding more yarn.

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