Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend and grandchildren

It was another rainy, wet, moss covered weekend in the northwest.  But nothing adds sunshine like children!  We had the grand daughters over this weekend (all 3) and their laughter, playing, and even snoring where like rays of sunshine.  We have 4 grand-kids, all belong to my step-daughter.  The oldest, 11 years, is living w/ his other grandparents right now, so we didn't see him.  The second oldest "Pickle" is 8 and used to live with us so is quite at home at our house.  Then there is "Cilly" who is 4 and very much a bulldozer with the biggest smile you ever saw.  Last is "Angel Baby" who is 2 and a half and very shy for the first hour.

The Boy is an amazing babysitter!  Much better than The Teen who gets either bored or annoyed after a couple minutes.  Her door shuts...alot these days.  But The Boy seems to never tire of taking charge and coming up with games.  As soon as he expresses annoyance or exhaustion, one of them will come running up to him and off he'll go again.

Bed time was so easy!  The Boy made one big bed in the playroom, selected an appropriate movie, tucked them all in and before the movie was over, they were all asleep.  Angel Baby fell asleep in Pappy's arms, so we just laid her among the other three and she didn't miss a baby snore!

We forgot how early they get up when they are younger.  The Teen and The Boy have taken to appreciating the joy of sleeping in on Saturday.  But Angel Baby was up at the crack of dawn!  And there The Boy was, ready to play, change, and feed her if necessary.  He's a GREAT babysitter! 

Hopefullly "mom" got some needed rest while we got some needed "little kid" time.  Lots of tickling, dress-up, puppets, and PB&J.

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