Friday, January 22, 2010

Why and what?

I decided to start this blog for a couple reasons: 1) because I am having so much fun reading and interacting with other blogs that I wanted to join their world, 2) I wanted one place where I could showcase my crochet and "art" projects, and 3) I have an underlying desire to track the progress of my 2 resolutions.

As you can tell, I'm not very good at all the "techy" stuff with blogging yet, but I have LOTS of friends out there and am confident that by the end of the year it will get much better :)

The first is so far so good. I do need to add ALL the blogs I follow so anyone who stumbles upon this site can continue their journey onto other pleasant worlds.

Second one has started, but I'm finding my biggest challenge being the photos. I need to really carve out time to take, upload, and post photos.

So on to the third reason...(new post)

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