Friday, January 22, 2010

Resolution #2

This one's a bit more....intense.
Resolution # 2 is to use the exercise equipment and routines to increase my flexibility, health, and yes, size.

Now, first off you have to understand my background.  I grew up average sized, height and weight.  I ate whatever I liked, I played some sports, but "size" was never really a problem until.....pregnancy at age 27.  Now, after 27 years, you develop some pretty hard habits.  Like eat what I want, move when I want, by clothes that fit, etc.

I gained "some" weight with my first pregnancy.  Not problem, I figured I'd simply lose it after she was born. That was a problem, the weight did not go away.  Exercise was not only a foreigh concept to me, it caused pain just to THINK about dieting or exercising.  I mean, God made me this way, therefore I must be alright.  The way I saw it, I was going to get pregnant again, and would probably gain more weight.  So if I was going to put any effort into losing the weight, I could kill two birds at one time, and work off ALL the extra weight after the second child.  You know where this is going...  Second child came, with a lot more weight, and way less motivation to do anything about it.

Now my thinking starting moving towards the, "its only a problem b/c your clothes don't fit."  So the easy solution (god probid we go with a difficult solution) was to "buy bigger clothes" :)  Brilliant!!

In addition, around this time I heard about a lovely study that showed how the elderly were benefitting from excercising even if they had never excercised in their life.  This was great news!  One of my main obstacles to exercise was TIME.  Now, it looked like I could just wait until I retired and had lots of time for excercise!

Second child is now 12 years old, and my size has grown every year. I am now having to shop in a special section and stores in order to find clothes that fit.  And to really put salt in my wound, I cannot play with the kids and do the physical activities I once could.  This is the biggest "pisser" for me.  Size is one thing, but when I can't do the things I want, then we have a problem.

So, this leads to my New Year's resolution and the 2 goals I have:
1. Be able to wear clothes and have them look like the designed intended and not look like cloth hanging off my body
2. Have the stamina to do physical activities with my family

For Christmas my husband bought me Wii Fit Plus and a 5 day dvd work out program that includes Yoga, Strength training, ball excercise, Tai Chi, and something else. (He does love me, and actually never says anything about my weight, so he's not as bad as it sounds.)

My plan is to do SOMETHING every day.  Some days I complete a full hour aerobic work out, some days I do a 30 minute strength and flexibility training,

Here is where I am going to track what I do each day and for how long.  I'll also give you guys an idea on how its working towards my 2 goals.

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